Mystic Mountain

Mystic Mountain also known as Rainforest Bobsled Jamaica at Mystic Mountain.

Rainforest Bobsled Jamaica at Mystic Mountain is a thrilling adventure park located in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, offering an exhilarating mix of adrenaline-pumping activities amidst the lush tropical rainforest. The star attraction is the Rainforest Bobsled Jamaica, a gravity-driven bobsled inspired by the famous Jamaican bobsled team that gained international acclaim. Visitors can hop into their bobsleds and speed down a winding track through the dense rainforest, enjoying twists, turns, and breathtaking views of the Caribbean coastline. The bobsled ride provides an exciting and unique way to experience the natural beauty of Jamaica’s rainforest.

Apart from the bobsled adventure, Mystic Mountain offers an array of other attractions for nature and adventure enthusiasts. The Sky Explorer chairlift provides a scenic journey above the treetops, offering panoramic views of the rainforest and the coastline. At the mountaintop, the Mystic Pavilion features a hummingbird garden, educational displays, and a restaurant where visitors can savor Jamaican cuisine while enjoying the stunning surroundings. The park also includes a thrilling zipline adventure, allowing guests to soar through the treetops for an unforgettable aerial experience.

Mystic Mountain is not only an adventure park but also a hub for eco-tourism and conservation efforts. The park is committed to preserving Jamaica’s natural beauty and biodiversity. Visitors can learn about the region’s flora and fauna through interpretive exhibits and guided tours, highlighting the importance of environmental conservation. Rainforest Bobsled Jamaica at Mystic Mountain offers a dynamic blend of adventure, ecological awareness, and stunning scenery, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking a unique and sustainable Jamaican experience.

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