Appleton’s Estate

Appleton Estate, nestled in the lush Nassau Valley in Jamaica, is a historic and world-renowned distillery that has been producing some of the finest Jamaican rum for more than 265 years. The estate’s rich history dates back to 1749 when the Appleton family established the sugar plantation. Today, it stands as one of the oldest sugar estates and distilleries in Jamaica, celebrated for its commitment to traditional craftsmanship and the production of high-quality rums.Appleton Estate offers guided tours that provide visitors with an immersive experience into the art and science of rum-making. The tour takes guests through the picturesque sugarcane fields, the historic distillery, and the aging house where oak barrels house the aging rum. The highlight of the visit is the tasting session, allowing enthusiasts to savor a variety of Appleton Estate rums, each with its own distinct flavor profile. From the smooth and versatile Appleton Signature Blend to the complex and aged Appleton 21-Year-Old, the range of rums showcases the expertise and dedication that goes into every bottle.Beyond the production process, Appleton Estate is deeply connected to Jamaican culture and heritage. The estate’s commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices has garnered recognition, and it actively contributes to the local community. The combination of history, craftsmanship, and the flavorful journey through the world of rum makes Appleton Estate a must-visit destination for those seeking an authentic taste of Jamaica’s spirited legacy.

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